True blue - Пепърмил Букс

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True Blue  -  Claudine Snell
This fabulous story takes the reader to Australia and follows the life of young Maddie who moves there from England with her mother at a very young age. Australia 60 years ago is a place you will find totally fascinating, but for Maddie it was a challenge from the very start to the very end almost 45 years later when she leaves love, friends and all she had known in search of what she never had in her emotional and difficult life. Explore Australia through the eyes of Maddie. It would have been a fairy tale if it wasn’t for the mind blowing crash with reality.

True blue
Английски и американски автори
Издателство: Монт
Година: 2020
Език: Английски

Claudine Snell - автор
Гергана Дечева - редактор
Наталия Николова - компютърен дизайн
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13.60 лвс ДДС 16.00 лв
Gergana Decheva
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